MTO SHOCK CRIME: Redneck Is Charged With Marrying A WOMAN . . . And Her DAUGHTER . . . At THE SAME DAG TIME!! (PICS Of The Women)


: learned that a Pennsylvania man named Christopher I. Hauptmann has been found guily, and sentenced to prison – for a 43-year-old and her 18-year-old at the same time.

Yes, you read that right. He married a woman and HER DAUGHTER.

Christopher, who is 44-year-old, was convicted of bigamy, forgery and unsworn falsification to authorities – he was sentenced to serve a term ranging from one year minus a day to two years minus a day.

Reports say Hauptmann had used the alias “Christopher Buckley” on some documents.

Ironically, the former owner of bail bonds business in Shamokin, about 70 miles north of Harrisburg, was unable to post his own bail.


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