MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Woman Exposes Her Babys Father . . . ‘He GAVE ME HIV . . . After Cheating With A TRANSGENDER”!!! (Pics Of Dude . . . Who Gave Her THE BUG)


: A very DISTURBING story is developing on social media. A named Winona “NuNu” Thomas exposed her – for infecting her with .

Nunu went on Livestream last night – to tell her “truth.” She said:

I’ve been in a committed relationship with my child’s father. And he has infected me with HIV as of last year. So yes, I am HIV positive

She claims that she did not dump the man, after he her HIV. But all that changed when she learned that he cheated on her.

But NuNu drops another BOMBSHELL at the 29:00 mark of the video. She explains:

And I’ll be honest with y’all, a tr*nny is involved. The tr*nny says that he gave it to him.

. . . I believe the tr*nny gave it to [my baby bdaddy].

There are still tr*nnys in his inbox, and another woman he [allegedl] gave it to.

What makes this story even more INCREDIBLE is that the man accused of INFECTING NuNu made a response video – admitting that he has HIV.

Listen to him. admits to having HIV, but claims that he is “undetectable.” He also claims that “no one knows” whether he gave NuNu the .

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