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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The FOX Hit Show Empire . . . Is Allegedly . . . Getting CANCELLED!! (We Got ALL The Details INSIDE)


: is STILL obe of our favorite shows on all of television. But we just got a report, that the is getting .

Not so much “cancelled” . . . but will be “ending”.

Here’s  little bit of tea that we were sent:

So, I heard through the grapevine that as of now, they are finishing up shooting the last episodes Empire. As in the show will be ending soon.

During the past few months, production and cast were frequenting a store that my relative works at and that’s who they heard it from.

Could this change in the future? Possibly, but as of now, it will be ending soon.

We’re hearing the same thing. According to HOLLYWOOD FOLK – Lee Daniels, the shows producer, is WAY more interested in his new series STAR than in Empire.

We’re told that Lee planned on “leaving” Empire after this season, and that many thought the show couldn’t survive without him.


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