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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: We Have Bikini Pics Of NY Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine's Girlfriend . . . She Works At The STRIP CLUB . . . And Is A BEAUTY!!


6ix9ine is one of the HOTTEST rappers in the game. An News exclusively learned that a beautiful NY bottle girl stole his heart.

According to one of our top snitches, Tekashi is dating a Dominican bottle girl who at NY’s Starlet’s Gentleman’s club. Her name is Leezah.

The two have been kicking it now for a few months – and it’s SERIOUS. How serious? Well Tekashi decided to take Leezah on vacation with him to the Dominican Republic. We’re told he even went to the country to meet her family.

Tekashi’s having a nice little come up. And his GF is a real TOO. Salute to him.

Here’s Tekashi in the DR in his luxury villa:

And here are of him with his GF:


Here is one of the more graphic images

Here is another

Here is a another