: Here’s the that we can discuss:

  • Nina Parker hosted the , and she did a good job.
  • During the show Nina (the host) got into it with Pretty Ricky Member BABY BLUE. It got a little heated, and looked like Nina was ready to POP HIM.
  • Shay basically got into it with Trina, Chinese Kitty, & Chinese Nicki.
  • Trina’s cousin ALVIN ran up and PUNCHED Bobby.
  • JoJo and Veronica started fighting physically.
  • Amara La Negra discussed the issues she had with Veronica, Steph Lecor, and Young Hollywood.
  • Prince got ‘JUMPED’ by Pleasure P and other members of Pretty Ricky.
  • Gabby wasn’t there. She SKYPED In.
  • Jeffrey and Malik BROKE UP on the reunion show.