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Musicians who are currently in jail


The “one-hit wonder” is a curious thing. After scoring just one big hit and never anymore, these musicians fade into obscurity or often take a behind-the-scenes role in the music industry, like Gerardo (the “Rico Suave” guy went on to cultivate and develop new talent, including Enrique Iglesias), or Jonathan King. The British singer scored his one and only big American hit with “Everyone’s Gone to the Moon,” a top 20 hit in 1965. He racked up a bunch more hits in the U.K. and also wrote and produced a ton of music for others, including Genesis, the Bay City Rollers, and 10cc. 

King also liked to sexually assault teenagers. In 2001, a London jury found King guilty of using his celebrity to lure five boys to his home in the ’80s, where he coerced them into having sex. In addition to being placed on a sex offender registry, King earned a seven-year prison sentence. In 2017, King was again arrested for a slew of charges in the same vein, accused of assault on several more teenage boys between 1970 and 1986. He’s currently out on conditional bail, but is still considered a criminal while he awaits his trial in 2018.