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Odd things about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship


If you thought the banana Instagram post was convenient timing, try this one on for size:

In early November 2016, Markle released her clothing line for Canadian department store Reitmans, just days after the press reported on her royal romance. The actress, who was also a Reitmans brand ambassador, designed two collections for the retailer, both of which sold out quickly. Who wouldn’t want clothes designed by a potential princess?

Despite the success of her line, the partnership was short-lived. According to the Daily Mail, Markle abruptly ended her relationship with Reitmans in April 2017, even though she reportedly was offered a lot of money to renew her contract. Apparently, she even went so far as to have her team reach out and tell the Canadian retailer to stop associating her with the brand. 

If you were hoping to snag a lingering piece of clothing from the line, you’re too late. In early March 2017, the company’s website posted a banner that said Markle’s collection was no longer available. This is just one of many aspects of her life that Markle has shied away from as her romance with Harry heats up.