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Offset Rumored To Be CHEATING On Cardi Again . . . With A New York GIRL!! (PICS)


and B are expecting their first child together in less than a month. But new reports are suggesting that Offset may still be on his Platinum selling fiance.

According to online sources Offset has been seen around New with a beautiful strip club bartender named Jade. Now while no one can say for certain WHAT is going on with the two – we know OFFSET’S REPUTATION.

Jade – who is stunningly gorgeous – works at the popular club LUST. And she’s seen as one of the more BEAUTIFUL women in the building. And trust us there are PLENTY of beauties at Lust.

Also, we’re told that recently Jade has been walking around with a CLOTHING and BAG upgrade. People are wondering if Cardi’s man is showering her with gifts.

This would be the latest in DOZENS of reports of Offset’s Cheating on Cardi – even while she’s pregnant.

Here are of the .

And here is a graphic pic

Here’s another graphic pic

Here’s a third graphic pic

Here’s a VIDEO of the girl