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One Year Old Gets BLOODY & BRUISED UP . . .  At Daycare . . Was He Abused? (Pics And Video)


MTO News learned that a 1--old boy from Indianapolis, Indiana was rushed to the hospital on Monday with cuts and bruises on his face. His mother claims that the bruises were caused by someone at his .

Tiffany Griffin, the boy’s mother, droped her son off at the day care. And about an hour later she got the call that MOST MOTHER’S DREAD.

The daycare center called and told her that an “accident” happened, and that she should come pick up her son.  Tiffany immediately rushed back to pick up the boy and he was screaming, and up.

According to the daycare, the boy’s injuries were inflicted by another child, MTO News has learned. But that explanation didn’t add up – and Tiffany went off.

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Tiffany admits to local reporters that she BLACKED OUT, and punched a daycare worker “out of anger.”

Kiddiegarden, the daycare center, told FOX 59 that the worker who had been watching Griffin’s son has been fired.

Police are investigating the incident.