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Pink Chooses Sides: Taylor Swift or Katy Perry? Her Answer Was …


Pink, the extraordinary singer and entertainer, was recently asked in an interview to choose:

Katy Perry … or Taylor Swift?

It’s not exactly Sophie’s Choice, because Pink is just generally asked to choose between them, but her answer caused a bit of surprise.

Pink At The Premiere Of Alice Through The Looking Glass

We gotta be honest with you — we love Pink.

From “U And Ur Hand” to “Just Like Fire,” she’s produced some delightful bops over the years.

Her personality comes across so beautifully whenever she speaks or performs.

And speaking of when she performs, her performances are always amazing and eye-catching. Remember when Pink performed at the 2014 Grammys?

Some singers barely move while they sing. Pink turns some songs into the sorts of gymnastics that we usually only see at the Olympics.

Pink Wearing Fur Photo

We’ll say this about Pink, though:

This girl seems to pick fights with people. Like, a lot.

Some celebrities do this in a very calculated way, because they want to further a specific narrative or they just want attention.

(We’re not necessarily knocking them for it — sometimes careers have to tread water for a bit on that sort of publicity between projects like an album or a movie or whatever)

We don’t think that Pink is calculated about it.

She kind of just seems to go off and say whatever she wants, which is a totally okay quality in a person who is a singer and not in fact the sitting President of the United States of America.

This is the woman who told critics to “Kindly kiss her ass” not all that long ago. She wasn’t trying to start a feud with her critics; she was just … Pink being Pink.

For a little while now, Pink’s been believed to, if not be in a feud with, at least harbor a dislike for Taylor Swift.

Back in 2015, Pink slammed various stars at the VMAs for their performances, which she thought were “gross.”

She didn’t single out Taylor or anything, and later mentioned that she had forgotten that Demi Lovato had even performed (which sounds like shade, but for Pink she may have literally just forgotten … which might be worse for Demi).

That was the year that Taylor won Video Of The Year for “Bad Blood.” And deservedly so.

Ever since, people have seen Pink as one of Taylor’s critics … but those assumptions might have been wrong.

Pink Pregnancy on the Red Carpet Photo

In a radio interview on Thursday, Pink was asked to choose between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

(She wasn’t choosing specifically, like one for a duet or one to bang or whatever)

She only showed the slightest hesitation before answering.

“Taylor? Is that OK?”

Yes, Pink, it’s totally okay.

“You can’t win no matter what you say, anyway. Everyone wakes up offended.”

We wouldn’t say that “offended” is the right word here.

Katy Perry can be so much sometimes, but it’s not like choosing Katy would be the wrong answer.

Pink Poses with Daughter

The real signficance of her answer seems to be that Pink displayed zero awareness of the perceived dislike between her and Taylor.

In retrospect, Pink blasting multiple “singers” may have just been her nice way of blasting Miley for being gross.

We have a lot of affection for Miley, but 2015 Miley was all kinds of obnoxious.

Pink may have just said that and then moved on and never thought about it again, never realizing that people thought that perhaps she harbored a dislike against Taylor Swift.

There are absolutely some celebrities who are so careful with everything that they say to the public, crafting things carefully to tell you exactly what they want to say in exactly the right way.

Pink doesn’t play that game. We should all remember that.