MTO News juste received word that a 32-year-old Maryland has been charged with first-degree child abuse five months after the poisoning death of an infant she ws caring for.

Lataya Hutchins was charged last Thursday by the District Attorney, in connection with the Nov. 18 death of 6--old Indira Henderson.

According to the Baltimore , Indira died as a result of poisoning from Lidocaine, an anesthetic often used to treat irregular heartbeats. Police believe that someone placed a foreign object covered with the substance in the babys bottom.

Police believe that Lataya tricked baby Indira’s mom into allowing her to administer the “enema” to the baby.

But as soon as the “enema” was given, authorities say that “Indira immediately began convulsing and later died at an area hospital.” 

A subsequent autopsy investigation, completed on March 30, concluded that Indira had been poisoned by the Lidocaine.

Lataya has been released on an unspecified amount of bail.


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