POTUS Interrupts Bachelor in Paradise, Incurs Viewer Wrath

It's been a rough few decades weeks for Donald Trump.

First, the country wondered whether he was racist because he didn't denounce the violent, hate-filled words and actions of White Supremacists in Virginia.

Then, he made an embarrassing spelling error – twice! – on Twitter.

On Monday night, though, the President hit rock bottom.

Because he a vague escalation of the war in Afghanistan, with no defined objection or clear path to victory? Maybe, to some.

But ABC interrupted the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise to air this primetime address…and viewers were PISSED!

1. Not My President

Not my president
THIS is my President.

2. Excuse Me, But…

Excuse me but


And you called yourself a man of the people? For shame.

4. We Have One Question, ABC

We have one question abc

5. R U Kidding?

R u kidding
One face. One thousand words.

6. I Didn’t Think I Could Hate Him Any More

I didnt think i could hate him any more
I was wrong.

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