Rapper Kevin Gates Has VOLUPTOUS Hips Like A Insta-Model!! (Pics)

Rapper is a popular rapper from the “hood”. Typically he wears baggy clothing that hides his body from the fans.

But yesterday, Kevin and his wife were in Dubai – wearing flowy gowns. And when a gust of wind blew, Kevin’s gown clung closely to his body and revealed his shape.

And many of his fans were surprised at how CURVY the rapper was. Many say he’s got the body of an Instagram model.

Here are some of the comments that were on his page:

He’s snacheeed! 😆

He is thick thick maybe he changing into a woman?🤷🏾‍♀️

Baby making hips

10 step plan to be IG famous-viral picture

Yasss she’s giving hour glass realness

N*gga shaped like a bad b*tch🤣

He got a better but than his wife🤣

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