R&Bs Tiffany Evans: My Husband BEATS Me!! (Pics)

R&B singer told fans that her beat her, and now she’s leaving him.

The R&B singer made the stunning accusations on social media yesterday. The singer claims that she’s suffered domestic abuse at the hands of her ex-husband. 

Evans posted a telling image on Instagram of two holes in her wall, with the accompanying caption,

“This is reason #1 I left my ex. What I’m not going to do is suffer in silence because this man don’t wanna let me go. Yes this is tonight. The black eyes, the busted lips, the countless embarrassments, the cheating, the lying, I’ve endured for years and so much sh*t on my name because of this man. Somehow I’m still the blame for moving on NOW the cats out the bag.”

Tiffany married her ex-husband Lorenzo Henderson at 19-years-old, a few months before getting pregnant. Henderson was allegedly caught cheating in 2015. Evans outed him on Instagram in a similar post and delete.

But the two reconciled, until now.

Tiffany is best known for the Ciara assisted 2000s jam Promise Ring


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