Reality TV Star Salaries: REVEALED!

Which celebrities get paid the most to appear on the unscripted side of the TV landscape?

Thanks to Variety, we've learned who makes the most amount of money for their services. 

There are some shockers below. Prepare yourselves…

1. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen degeneres is love
Ellen makes a mammoth $50 million per year on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

2. Judge Judy

Judge judy poses
One of the most famous judges to ever grace TV screens snags $47 million per year for laying down the law.

3. Matt Lauer

Matt lauer stands
Matt Lauer makes $25 million per year for appearing on NBC’s Today Show.

4. Katy Perry

Katy perry at glastonbury festival
Katy Perry has joined the rejigged American Idol at ABC, and she is getting $25 million for the new season.

5. Kelly Ripa

Kelly ripa in red
When she’s not bickering with her co-hosts, she’s making $22 million per year on Live With Kelly & Ryan.

6. Megyn Kelly

Megyn kelly interview pic
Megyn earns $18 million per year for her services on NBC news.

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