People love to body-shame Sarah Stage, who doesn’t let pregnancy come between her and her six-pack of rock-hard abs.

Even when Sarah Stage reveals her pregnancy weight, people want to jump on her case and say that she can’t possibly be healthy.

But now people are attacking her from a different angle — claiming that the fit mom just edits her photos to look that way!

Sarah Stage Serving Face

Sarah Stage made headlines in 2015 for her minor baby bump and clearly defined six-pack abs.

She delivered a healthy baby boy.

This year, she’s been making headlines again for, yet again, flaunting her killer abs throughout her pregnancy.

She’s due in October, which is getting closer and closer.

(We’re almost in September, you guys)

As you can see, she looks amazing for a woman 31 weeks into her pregnancy.

Sarah Stage in a White Bikini, 31 Weeks




She’s only gained 18 pounds from her pregnancy, but we don’t have any reason to believe that this is an unhealthy weight.

Some people balloon up during pregnancy, and others just look like they’re smuggling a balloon under their shirts.

It mostly has to do with genetic predispositions, of the mother but also of the baby daddy (a lot of pregnancy’s less pleasant experiences are the result of the fetus hijacking the body)

Though, in Sarah Stage’s case, her insane workouts (even while pregnant) are obviously a major factor.

Sarah Stage Six Months Pregnant

Recently, some fans spotted Sarah Stage out and about, wearing a pair of mom jeans and a billowy, comfy shirt with what looked like a more “normal” baby bump.

Not the sort of baby bump that you’d expect to see at 31 weeks, but more than you see in the white bikini photo that we showed you above, which was shared the same day that Sarah was spotted.

People started to whisper that maybe she uses photo editing software, because a lot of people are shockingly unable to grasp that makeup and posing have a massive impact on how somebody looks.

Sarah’s representative responded to the accusations by shutting them down:

“Sarah would never Photoshop any photo.”

Some fitness models might resort to photoshop, but that could ruin their reputation — so why risk it?

“She shares her images with her audience to embrace all different body types and her pregnancy. She’s been shamed through both pregnancies. She’s trying to put her journey out there to encourage others.”

She’s working to reduce body-shaming. We shouldn’t shame women for being large or small, when pregnant or not pregnant.

Specifically, on Sarah being spotted wearing normal clothes, like a human, her rep dismissed it pretty handily:

“This goes to show that Sarah is just a regular mom, on the go, wearing comfy clothing as she runs errands.”

Sarah Stage Eight Months Bump

Consider this: who out there has ever taken a bikini photo without sucking in their gut, or angling to look the best that they could?

Some people, probably.

But not, as a rule, fitness models.

Their abs are their moneymakers.

We have a feeling that Sarah Stage doesn’t do her bonkers workouts just to fake it for the camera.


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