SCANDAL VIDEO: Mexican GOVERNOR Takes FEMALE LAWMAKERS . . . To A SKRIP CLUB . . . And One Of The Lawmakers . . . Started F**KING THE MALE SKRIPPER On Stage!!!


: There’s a huge in MEXICO – surrounding the of Parras de la Fuente (Coahuila), Mexico – María del Roble

The event was organized by the councilor of Parras, María del Roble, tho she denies being involved.

Governor del Roble and anothe councilmen from Parras de la Fuente, Coahuila, Javier Molina, allegedly organized a “Ladies Night” event that ended up getting REALLY FREAKY.

According to information provided by entrepreneurs from the region to the La Vanguardia environment; Last Saturday night a “Only for Women” event was held at the bar “La Patrona”, a -dancer . The event was reportedly produced by María del Roble Ortiz, who denied even knowing about the event, and Javier Molina.

The same sources say that the cover per person for the show was 150 pesos.

In a of the event, broadcast on social networks, a woman believed to be a lawmaker is seen taking the and having sex with one of the strippers hired for the show.


Here is the link to the video

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