In 2014, the National Enquirer embarked on a seemingly impossible mission: find dirt on Ellen. This is what it dug up: According to anonymous sources and purported Ellen show insiders (via Radar Online), DeGeneres has undergone numerous cosmetic surgeries. One unnamed associate claimed DeGeneres’ fresh-faced glow is the result of “a lift,” along with frequent Botox injections. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yoel S. Shahar looked at pictures of DeGeneres and concluded for the Enquirer that there was evidence of “multiple procedures. It is quite obvious she underwent a full face light that improved her neck and jawline.” Dr. Shahar thinks DeGeneres has also had a forehead lift, an eyebrow raise, and various chemical peels, laser treatments, and fillers.

So why is this scandalous? After all, our bodies are our bodies, and we can do whatever we want with them, right? If someone needs to get a little work done to feel a little bit better about themselves, more power to them. Here’s the rub: extensive cosmetic surgery flies in the face of DeGeneres’ public image — a regular, relatable person who seems to be comfortable in her own skin. 

Why would she have all those alleged procedures done? Yet another unnamed individual in that Enquirer “exposé” thinks DeGeneres goes under the knife “because she’s unhappy about looking older — especially when compared to Portia.”


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