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SHOCK: Houston Boy KIDNAPPED . . . Terrorized . . . By Gang Of WHITE SUPREMACISTS!!


A 13-year-old from named Zavion Parker was yesterday, by a of .. Luckily the boy managed to escape – and is alive and well today.

Police are still interviewing the young man to determine any possible injuries. But so far, he looks like he’s going to make a full physical recovery.

The 6th grade victim told authorities that shortly after he got off the school bus, five teenage boys approached him on Greenwich and Rhobell Street, and forced him into a 4-door vehicle decorated with flames on the side.

The teenage boys, accompanied by one adult male driver, took him to a vacant house or cabin and assaulted him. The 6 suspects (5 of which are roughly 17-18 years-old) are all described as having reddish hair. The adult driver had a heavy build with arm tats. He was driving a red truck with flames on the side.

The suspects reportedly robbed Zavion – took his jacket, shoes, phone and keys.

The incident is believed to be a RACIST attack due to the nature of what was said to Zavion when he was kidnapped.