A disturbing new has gone viral and is making its way around social, media.

According to local media, a Mexican found her in bed with another woman. But the woman didn’t SPAZZ OUT – she just acted as if she wasn’t concerned and smiled at him.

She then cooked him a nice meal, gave him some whiskey on the rocks, and inserted some sleeping pills the drink.

When hubby was in a deep asleep, she packed her bags, but before leaving she his testicles and penis inside a .

Viewers of the video sympathized with her husband. Here are a few of the reactions to the video.

“That scene on There’s Something About Mary has nothing repeat nothing on this.”

“Just having bolt cutters next to your junk is nerve wrecking enough”

“Omg the process they taking his stuff through looks more pain then the d*ck locked poor bawls he won’t be doing nothing with that for at least 6 to 9 months”

“Call a LockSmith…they didn’t have a smaller less rusty device to use….lol”

The below video showed the aftermath when doctors had to remove the contraption from her husband. It looks very painful.

You can watch the video here


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