STEVE HARVEY’S Daughter Lori Wants To Be The ‘Silicone Free’ Beauty!! (Pics)

’s daughter Lori is hoping to create a “new” standard for beauty.

For the past couple of years, it seems like beauty has been defined by how much silicone a woman has in her body, or how many s*xtapes she has online.

But Lori Harvey is looking to change that image of beauty. The 21 year old college student/model is working hard to get women (and young girls) to take a new approach.

She’s working with a number of brands to make being a “good girl” hot again. And she’s all about living naturally, and accepting the body that God gave you. The lovely young lady has not had any plastic surgery done to her body.

And given her growing popularity – she might just be able to do it. Here she was at an event in Los Angeles.


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