Taylor Swift released her brand new single, "Look What You Made Me Do," last night, and let's be honest: none of us were ready for it.

To be fair, she didn't prepare us at all.

We didn't know the title of the song, we didn't know what genre she'd be going with … we basically just knew that snakes were involved.

But that was then and this is now, and now we know that this new era of Taylor Swift is going to be dark.

Dark, and just super, super edgy.

And really, we can't stress enough how much she seems to be identifying with snakes lately.

While she dropped the single, along with a lyric video, last night, we still don't have the actual music video.

She's saving that for Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards, which will definitely be a treat (both because we'll see the video and because Taylor's nemesis, Katy Perry, is hosting the show).

But she didn't leave us totally hanging!

Earlier today, Taylor shared a little teaser for the video, and it's … well, it sure does look exciting.

It looks like she's leaning real hard into the femme fatale look — you can see long, pointed fingernails and snake jewelry in some of the shots.

And this pretty much goes without saying, but the cute, happy, bubbly Taylor Swift of yesteryear is definitely long gone.

Dead, actually, as she explains in the song.

Check out the teaser below, and then join us in anxiously waiting for the full video on Sunday!

Taylor swift get the first look at her new music video


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