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The real reason Meghan Markle got divorced


Not much is known about Markle and Engelson’s courtship, but we do know they began dating in 2004, according to The Sun. After being together for six years, Engelson popped the question in 2010, and she said, “Yes!” In 2011, the couple and more than 100 of their closest friends headed out to a four-day destination wedding at the Jamaica Inn. Since Markle and Engelson were together for so long, perhaps the spark they once felt slowly faded away once they legitimized things. 

By comparison, Markle and Prince Harry became engaged only a year and a half after meeting. During their first interview with the BBC (via  theTelegraph), the Prince said he knew she was “the one” the “very first time” they met. Does a shorter courtship this time around mean her marriage will last a lifetime? We’ll have to wait and see.