In April 2017, Bella admitted that she was happy to be engaged to Cena, but that she still wished he’d come around to parenthood. It also sounded like she was trying very hard to convince herself she was okay with never being a mom.

“[Cena] says it’s selfish but he knows that with his schedule he couldn’t be an incredible father and that’s why he chooses not to have kids, and I actually respect that because that would be very hard to raise a kid on my own and the dad to always be gone and not see that kid,” she told People, adding, “When I see him with all the Make-a-Wish kids, I’m like, ‘Gosh, this man would be the most incredible father ever.’ … And I see him with his nieces and I see him with my cousin’s kids, and I know, I know that he would be an amazing dad, but I guess that’s what makes him amazing about his decision … I have come to that decision of being okay with it that I won’t be a mom.”

Bella told Us Weekly in December 2017 that her sister’s pregnancy gave her baby fever. “John doesn’t want to have kids, so it’s taken a lot of therapy to be OK with knowing I won’t be a mom,” she confessed. “I’m not going to lie, there are times when I still pray that one day he’ll change his mind. But as of now, no family.”


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