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The real reasons we don’t hear from Giuliana Rancic anymore


Thanks to wide participation of the Time’s Up protest — in which nearly everyone in attendance at The 75th Golden Globes wore black to signify solidarity with survivors of workplace inequality, sexual harassment and assault — the evening became more about activism than it was a celebration of Hollywood’s biggest stars. 

One of the more outspoken celebrity activists in attendance was Debra Messing, who used the opportunity to take the E! network to task over the controversy surrounding former E! News host Catt Sadler’s decision to resign after she discovered her male co-host was making “close to double [her] salary for the past several years.” 

So, what’s this got to do with Giuliana, you ask? She was the one interviewing Messing on the red carpet — on behalf of E! News. Awkward! Giuliana pivoted away from specifically addressing Sadler’s situation, then later vaguely addressed the whole thing like this (via TV Line): “I want all of you at home to know, of course, there will still be all the fun and excitement moments you’ve come to expect from the E! red carpet, but we also want to embrace this moment and allow these celebrities who have a big voice … to speak on behalf of millions who don’t. I’m truly looking forward to some great conversations.”

While Giuliana handled the situation as best she could, Messing undoubtedly placed her in an impossible situation — either support Saddler and the protest and throw the employer of her last remaining TV gig under the bus, or stick up for her network and look like a sell-out. Giuliana attempted to walk the line between both, and we’re just not sure she succeeded.