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The shady side of Bryan Singer


In the late-’90s, Singer was an early investor in the now defunct internet startup Digital Entertainment Network. The company’s founder, Marc Collin-Rector, along with Chad Shackley and Brock Pierce (former child actor and current chairman of Bitcoin Foundation) were known for their lavish parties at Collin-Rector’s Encino mansion.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, several young men came forward with lawsuits in 2000 claiming they were sexually and physically abused “through coercion or subversion to consume controlled substances and/or prescription drugs,” including the “date-rape drug” Rufinol, and “threatened with physical injury and economic harm.”  

The same year, a 17-year-old former employee of Digital Entertainment Network sued the company and its three founders, “accusing them of inducing him into sexual relationships after hiring him as [a] 15-year-old actor,” reported the Los Angeles Times

Collins-Rector was indicted by a New Jersey grand jury in 2000, but before justice could be served, he fled the country with Shackley and Pierce. “The trio surfaced in May 2002 in a villa in the south Spanish beach city of Marbella. Police found guns, machetes and child pornography in the house,” said The Hollywood Reporter.

Once extradited back to the States in 2004, Collins-Rector entered a plea deal and served a brief stint in prison, said The Hollywood Reporter. “He emerged as a registered sex offender under weekly supervision.”