Osmond was one of nine children born to Olive and George Osmond, devout Mormons from Utah. Shortly after she was born, four of her older brothers Alan, Wayne, Merrill and Jay, formed a barbershop quartet that would set the stage for long musical careers for just about the entire family.

At only age 3, Osmond made her first TV appearance, performing with her brothers on The Andy Williams Show. She told CNN’s Larry King in 2001 that she doesn’t regret anything about her childhood, but admitted that it was difficult at times.  

“I mean, good grief, I was working at 3,” she told King. “You know, when I was told — can I go out and play? No, I was working. I was recording.”

Osmond became known for her bubbly, cheerful persona and ever-present smile, and she revealed that it “was a lot of pressure” to maintain that image. 

But, putting her customary positive spin on the situation, she said, “I don’t regret anything, Larry. … It’s amazing [that] the growth in your life doesn’t come from the good things. It comes from the bad things, if you try to look at it that way.


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