We already mentioned how Ramsey claimed his stake on YouTube long before another user of the platform sparked the fame he is now enjoying. And it seems that, like a dog with a bone, yodel boy isn’t going to let social media ignore him again this time.

In the less than two weeks since the ViralHog video, Ramsey has launched official Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds. Though none have been verified as of this writing, Ramsey, sporting his one-of-a-kind belt buckle, made and shared this video across all his platforms to ensure his fans that they were following the real deal Little Hank.

The pages all claim they are “Managed by his Guardian(s),” which we assume to be Grandpa Earnest and Grandma Frances. We point this out only because Ramsey’s Twitter in particular, has already demonstrated a web savvy that is perhaps surprising for a midwestern couple in their 70s — they’re retweeting Prince Harry memes for cotton-pickin’ sakes!   

Though he still so young, and he shot to fame in the quirkiest way possible, the truth about the Walmart yodeling kid is that he’s been putting in his dues for almost his entire life. Now that he’s gained the national spotlight and set up shop on social media, we don’t see this little superstar fading from fame anytime soon. We’re rooting for you, Mason — keep on yodeling!



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