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The untold truth of Katie Couric


A scathing 2005 New York Times article portrayed Couric’s behavior during her tenure at Today as fairly diva-esque, noting the “strained chemistry” between the co-hosts and claiming that the show had “turned [Couric’s] popularity into a Marxist-style cult of personality.” 

In a 2005 profile of the Today show for The New Yorkerwriter Ken Auletta also noted that some of Couric’s coworkers had anonymously complained that she was self-absorbed and tried to hog “the best interviews.” Auletta also described how Couric’s manner with staff could be blunt, recounting the claims of a Today staffer: “In the morning, when the anchors go over the copy and make last-minute changes, Couric doesn’t say, ‘Hey, guys, think we can change this?’ Instead, she says, ‘This sucks!’ Everyone hears it.”

Of the New York Times piece, a source from the show told New York Magazine“Some people thought it was a good thing, because she had to confront [her behavior].”

In the same New Yorker article, Couric responded directly to the claims about her on-set reputation, saying, “I feel like a human piñata. The disappointing thing is no candy is going to spill out!…This may not be a lot of fun, but it goes with the territory, unfortunately, of being successful and female, probably.”