The untold truth of Logan Paul

Paul’s latest song isn’t a diss track, quite the opposite in fact. “Outta My Hair” is an ode to the blond locks that have become a part Paul’s image, with lyrics like “Woke up feeling funny, but the do is money” and “She said I got body, but she ain’t talking naughty.” The accompanying music video stars another Disney alumni trying to make her way in Hollywood, Bella Thorne.

Thorne played Adam Sandler’s daughter in 2014’s Blended and was the main antagonist in 2015’s The DUFF. She recently appeared in Netflix horror comedy The Babysitter, making headlines for a scene involving a “steamy kiss” with co-star Samara Weaving. She gives a sexually charged performance alongside Paul too, playing his hair-obsessed hook up in a video that doesn’t take itself too seriously. What is serious is the amount of views that it’s getting.

The video (which reportedly cost Paul a cool $100,000 to make) clocked up a staggering five and a half million views within 12 hours of being uploaded to YouTube, meaning the vlogger, actor and musician has a potential viral hit on his hands. CelebMix seem to agree, calling it an “incredible song” in their review. “We are left wondering what is next to come from this star,” they said. “Surely starring in Hollywood blockbusters, winning countless awards, daily vlogging and releasing the soundtrack of our lives is enough?”

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