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The untold truth of Saweetie


Though Saweetie might have gone through some tough times in the past, the bougie lifestyle that she boasts about in her smash single “ICY GRL” has truly become her life on a day-to-day basis. She told Teen Vogue that she “really” loves Chanel, Gucci, and Philipp Plein and that her lifestyle is the reason why she named her very first project High Maintenance. “I feel like when people see me, they can tell that I’m materialistic and I like keeping myself up. That’s where [the title] comes from,” she explained to Billboard.

However, she also said that there’s a deeper meaning behind it all. She continued, “But the deeper meaning is I’m a traditional person when it comes to my relationships. The relationships I have with people are very high maintenance, meaning I nurture them. Essentially, I care for them. I also pray a lot, work out, and eat well so all aspects of my life are high maintenance. Since it’s an introductory to the game, I feel like it’s [an] appropriate way to brand myself.”