While he was locked up in jail for battery and home invasion charges, his DJ received a call from Toronto rapper Drake who expressed interest in working with him, XXXTentacion told radio show 103.5 The Beat following his release from jail. He stated that initially he was excited about the opportunity, and he even referred to the “God’s Plan” rapper as the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time). Drake was instructed to get in contact with XXXTentacion’s manager, but, unfortunately, that phone call reportedly never happened.

The next thing he knew, XXXTentacion’s friends and fans were telling him that Drake’s song, “KMT,” featuring Giggs, sounded a lot like his smash hit “Look at Me!

“You can take his verse on my song and the cadence is just at the same tempo, it’s not offbeat at all,” XXXTentacion told the radio station. After Drake allegedly stole XXXTentacion’s flow, the young rapper had some choice words for the Degrassi alum. “I think he’s not a man. I think he’s a b***h, that’s a b***h move. Especially when I was in jail facing life,” he said. Yikes.


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