A group of Instagram are extorting 45-year-old former superstar , with some graphic tapes.

According to the Daily Mail, the two thotties partied with Oscar, got him DRUNK (and possibly high) and then took a video of him. The Daily Mail suggests that the women were sticking up Oscar’s in the video.

The report alleges that De La Hoya linked up with the women (one blonde and one brunette) from a dating website and communicated via social media. De La Hoya’s net worth is around $200 million. At one point he was listed as number 19 on Forbes highest-paid athletes of all time. 

Here’s what they say:

The content of the ‘shocking’ sex tape allegedly includes a totally naked De La Hoya playing the part of exhibitionist in front of two women, one blonde and one brunette, while in one scene the women are seen performing sex acts on him with kitchen utensils.
Realizing the women may be trying to extort De La Hoya, Blatt claims he turned them down. As a last ditch attempt the women also approached De La Hoya’s ex-wife, actress and model Shanna Moakler.

DailyMail.com understands Moakler, 43, was told the tape would humiliate her and Atiana, the 19-year-old daughter she has with De La Hoya. And again the women allegedly demanded $2million.

Moakler immediately contacted De La Hoya and they both decided to inform the authorities of the alleged extortion plot. It’s understood the case has now been referred to the FBI, which is investigating.


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