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Tina Fey and Cake Yelling: See Twitter’s Mixed Reactions!


Before the news broke that Steve Bannon was leaving the White House to spend more time with the other three Horsemen, the biggest political news of the day was Tina Fey's Cake Sketch from SNL's Weekend Update.

We'll be honest — we watched it more than once this morning.

In the video, Tina Fey devours a sheet cake in a frighteningly messy manner while roasting Trump over his horrendous response to the Nazi rally and terrorist attack in Charlottesville that left one dead and dozens more injured over the weekend. 

Trump's initial weak response was bad enough, but to double down on saying that maybe some Nazis are decent folks days later was monstrous.

Personally, I responded to that bewildering press conference by walking to get ice cream with my roommate. According to this bit of sketch comedy, Tina Fey had a similar idea — to cope by devouring an entire cake.

The video has received a mixed reception, however, as some perceived Tina Fey's skit as suggesting that people shouldn't counter-protest when Nazis come to town. Tina does basically say that, but it's part of a skit and some aren't convinced that we're supposed to read that as genuine advice.

Others see the entire skit as a parody of people choosing to be inactive in the face of evil. Satirizing people who just "sit out" of conflicts isn't the same as promoting that way of thinking, right?

Twitter was pretty divided, but here's what people had to say:

1. First, someone who worked with Tina

Tina fey cake tweet 00
Honestly, we might try out some cake yelling. But with friends, and with tidy slices.

2. High praise …

Tina fey cake tweet 01
Like the rest of the world, JK Rowling has to keep up with US events even though she’s a Brit.

3. More cake talk …

Tina fey cake tweet 02
When you haven’t had cake in a really long time, all of this cake talk gets to you

4. Lady Gaga spoke up

Tina fey cake tweet 03
A lot of people feel frustrated and powerless and turn to comfort food. The stars: they’re just like us!

5. Grilled cheese is nice

Tina fey cake tweet 04
All that we can think about with this is Kristen Stewart comparing heterosexuality to eating grilled cheese.

6. Tina Fey got some criticism, though

Tina fey cake tweet 05
And people stepped up to defend her

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