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Whatever happened to Angelina Jolie’s brother?


Although Jolie and Haven were very close to their mother, they had a famously difficult relationship with their father, Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight. “I have no memory at all of my mother shouting at me or at my sister,” Haven told the Daily Mail in 2007. “But I do have horrible memories of my father and the way he behaved. He was so tough on our mother.”

“He lived in the same town. We saw him around Christmas time or at school recitals,” Haven said. “He was always around but he never did his job as a father.” Their relationship was so strained that Haven dropped his surname in favor of his middle name, as did Jolie.

Around 2009, Haven became a born-again Christian, reconciled with Voight, and encouraged Jolie to also bury the hatchet, according to E! Online (via the New York Daily News). Jolie reportedly followed his lead about a year later.