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Whatever happened to the kid from Role Models?


Long before he was the kid from Role Models, one of Bobb’e J. Thompson’s first forays into show business was an appearance on Showtime at the Apollo when he was just 5 years old. Thompson crushed his version of Bow Wow’s “That’s My Name,” then went on to steady work on TV series such as The Tracy Morgan Show, That’s So Raven, and Human Giant.

He finally circled back to his true passion, music, around 2013, when he released “Fade 2 Rap,” his debut album under the rapper handle King Bobb’e J. From there it was a mixtape in 2014, and more recently, as of this writing, lots of freestyle recordings on his Soundcloud page.  

Though he hasn’t reached the kind of mainstream recognition in the rap game as he has in the film and TV world, Thompson says that music is his first love. When asked by Bossip in 2014 if acting is his biggest passion, Thompson said, “Absolutely not. I still to this day have a divine love for music.” He also promised, “I got a lot of music in the can that I’m gonna hit the people over the head with here soon, but everything is about timing. At this time, acting is where it’s at for me and when it’s time for me to release the music, ya’ll hear it, ya’ll know.”