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Whatever happened to the ‘Thong Song’ guy?


“She has dumps like a truck, truck, truck” really did have guys going, “What, what what?” Mostly because nobody knew what the heck it actually meant. The controversial lyric (that we all undoubtedly sang at the top of our lungs anyway) was arguably one of the most polarizing lines of ’90s pop music. There was the camp that thought Sisqó was just celebrating a giant backside and the camp whose sixth-grade sense of humor inevitably gravitated towards poop (seriously, do you expect anything less for a song that taught pre-teens across America about sexy undies?). Worse yet, the platinum-haired singer let the general public spend 16 years marinating on the subject — long enough for us to graduate from college and have children — before finally throwing us a bone.

In 2016, Sisqó revealed that the line was not, in fact, about poop.

“That would mean I was some kind of fecal freak,” he told the Huffington Post. “What I was really referring to was ― a dump truck when it backs up, it’s like, ‘beep, beep beep.’ So, ‘she had dumps like a dump truck’ is, like, when girls do a booty dance move and they look back at their butt. She’s like a dump truck back-back-backing it up.”

Whatever you say, Sisqó.