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What’s really going on with Kanye West


In March 2018, news broke that West had parted ways with his longtime manager, Izzy Zivkovic. According to Billboard, West had worked with Zivkovic since 2010, but split Zivkovic’s duties with Scooter Braun (famous for managing Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande) in April 2016. Braun reportedly handled music endeavors and Zivkovic handled non-musical ventures, including his clothing and shoe lines.

A month later, West dropped Braun. Radar Online reported that Braun and West got into a blowout argument ahead of Braun’s seemingly abrupt exit, with insiders claiming that they had vastly different visions for West’s future as an artist.

West spoke out about firing Braun and Zivkovic in April 2018, tweeting: “I no longer have a manager. I can’t be managed,” and this: “I’m nobody’s ‘client.” He added, “Yes I got rid of my last lawyer … because he wouldn’t come to work full time. I also asked my last manager to come work full time for Yeezy of course the last lawyer and manager said no. So now I hired a CEO and a CFO and I have two full time lawyers as of now.” 

West didn’t reveal the names of his CEO, CFO, or attorneys, but he did mention that he would still like to work with Braun in some capacity, calling him a “genius.” Sources told Variety that Braun and West parted on good terms.