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Who is Blac Chyna’s 18-year-old boyfriend?


Since sweeping Blac Chyna off of her feet, the young rapper has been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles by her side, but YBN Almighty Jay actually hails from the island city of Galveston, Texas, which is located right outside of Houston.

After teaming up with Birmingham, Ala. rapper Nick “YBN Nahmir” Simmons, the two pals began perfecting their style, which consists of them rapidly spitting lyrics back and forth. When XXL magazine asked Jay to describe which artist his style has been compared to, he simply answered, “Nobody,” and he’s probably right. In a sea of mumble rappers who favor indecipherable lyrics over muddled beats, Jay’s flow is refreshing.

With songs like “No Hook” and “Off Instagram” garnering positive attention in the industry, Jay told XXL that his goal was to become “a legend,” but he didn’t end the interview without giving a shoutout to his girlfriend. When he was asked which moment from his hip-hop career stood out the most, he answered, “The [dating] Blac Chyna s**t. I think that’s the most standout. Everyone notices that.”