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Why you never hear about Zac Efron’s younger brother


Zac Efron’s sprawling 5,6444-square foot home features a breathtaking outdoor pool, a well-appointed gym, a chef’s kitchen, a spa that comes complete with frothy waterfall, and a little brother named Dylan. In fact, both Efrons were reportedly shacking up in Zac’s manse as recently as 2017. What’s more, the Greatest Showman Star claims Dylan is a pretty great roommate, too. During an appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Zac only had positive things to say about Dylan as a roomie, despite Kimmel’s rather aggressive attempt to dig up dirt. (After all, a good roommate doesn’t necessarily make for riveting television.) 

Well, Dylan’s a good roommate “most of the time,” Zac reveals. “He’s my little brother, you know? He looks after the house when I’m gone.” With hope and a little hunger in his eyes, Kimmel asks whether any Risky Business ever goes on in his absence. Sadly for us, there have apparently been no key parties — not even the obligatory out-of-control rager. 

“I trust him, he’s a good dude,” Zac adds, perhaps slightly wearying of the subject. The closest we get to any sort of juicy gossip: Whenever Zac is about to get back into town, Dylan makes sure the whole property is meticulously scrubbed down. Upon getting home, Zac says it’s usually “very clear the cleaning lady had been there just minutes before I [arrive].” And that’s about that.

He could’ve at least made up a kegger or something.